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CRSHs are groups of homologous microbial proteins likely to have equivalent biochemical functions.

  • peDUF Target List: 2014.
  • To analyze/nominate CRSHs for protein purification and structure determination, please use the online tool.
  • An example output of the target analysis/nomniation process can be found in here.

To perform gene-context analysis on combinations of related CRSHs, select the "MegaCRSH" tab at the top of this page.

Search for the CRSHs by the name . Input either the Consensus Name, the Product Name, or the Keyword in the search field (for example, 'SecA' or 'translocase').

Predicted Interaction Search

Go directly to the CRSH summary page using the CRSH ID number.

CRSH ID Search


Sequence homology search vs. CRSH profile (slow -- can take several minutes).
Please input the sequence in FASTA format.
Sequence Homology
Input Sequence:
Sequence homology search vs. all bacterial protein sequences (faster, but could still take > 1 minute).
Please input the sequence in FASTA format.
Protein Sequence Homology
Input Sequence :
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